Thursday, 1 December 2011

Cheaper alternatives

I've put together a cheaper alternatives gift guide. I love Christmas but lets face it, not everyone's made of money! It's also nice to sometimes buy lots of cheaper presents rather than one expensive one.

1.A good alternative for Stella by Stella McCartney is The Body Shops Moroccan Rose.

2.Chanel nail varnishes look great but are maybe a little pricey for one gift. Instead, Barry M do lots of great colours and you can afford to get more than one.

3.Diptyque candles smell and look great but I think these H&M candles are just as pretty, although not scented.

4.This Dogeared Wishbone bracelet is lovely but Topshop offer a nice alternative at only £2! £1 of each purchase also goes to charity. Dixi also have this wishbone necklace.


  1. Love this post. I want it all but obviously the cheaper versions would mean I could buy those and more ha.

  2. Oh bodyshop perfume, might have to try it.x

  3. omg, stella is my fav pefume for years now, but i also use the body shop's moroccan rose for everyday them both and can't live without them.!! cool post.!


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