Friday, 2 March 2012

Floral Trousers/PJs

I've liked these floral pyjama bottoms (silk effect) from H&M for a while now, so while I was in there today I decided to see if they still had them. Turns out they were in the sale for £3! I'll probably just wear them around the house, although I think they could be worn as trousers, I don't think I'm quite brave enough.

Stella McCartney
Isabel Marant
Marc By Marc Jacobs


  1. I think you should wear them as trousers! I really like them x

  2. Me too, nice and summery.

  3. Really cute! I love the print
    xxxxx margot

  4. you should go for it! i have a silky kimono from i got in the topshop sale that's actually pyjamas but i wear it out the house and nobody's ever guessed! love the print x


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